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Cusano M./ While today the “Festivity of Emigrating” is celebrated.  
After a century, a USA family  
return to its roots 
Everything happened just on the eve of the first emigrant day celebrated in Cusano Mutri on the 24th of July.  
The story we are going to tell happened in the early 1900, exactly on the 15th of November in 1905, when a two years old child, Antonio Cicchello, together with his mother, Alfonsina Orsino, 22, landed in Ellis Island, USA, by the motor ship “Madonna”. They jointed Saverio, Antonio’s father and Alfonsina’s husband who left Italy before the birth of his son. 
Well after 101 years the architect Sam Cicchello, the son of that two years old child arrived in USA in 1905, for his first time reached the land where his grandma and grandpa were born. 
He was with his Irish wife Eileen, and his sons and daughters Mary, Teresa, Clara, Anthony, John, Michael and Paul (well known American professionals), and accompanied by sons-in-law,  brothers-in-law and grandchildren: 23 people in all! 
Clara Cicchello contacted Michelangelo Orsino via internet, on the official Cusano Mutri website ( fixing a date to visit Cusano. Once in Cusano, Michelangelo Orsino made Cicchello family welcome in Piazza Lago. He walked them to the town hall where the mayor, Giuseppe Maria Maturo, gave them the wedding act of their ancestor. Then they visited the church of San Pietro e Paolo where in 1903 Alfonsina Orsino from Cusano married Cicchello Saverio from Maddaloni. They also visited a farm, in Calvario land where some relatives, who never left Italy used to live during the XIX century. There, Pasquale Petrillo (better known as “a Limatella”) a distant relative, gave them the warmest welcome.
Cicchello family would have spent other few days in this wonderful village, where Alfonsina Orsino lived for 22 years, but they had to come back USA to honour some commitments previously taken. 
The Orsino-Cicchello large family, deeply affected, thanked everybody, in particular Dr Antonella Orsino, Michelangelo’s daughter and Dr Ida Giaccio from Cusano, guide and interpreter respectively, since nobody could speak any Italian nor even Cusanese, the language of their progenitor Orsino Alfonsina.  
We want to underline that on the 19th of February in 1903, Alfonsina Orsino and Saverio Cicchello clearly signed the wedding act: a very unusual event if we consider that at that time the rate of illiteracy was very high, especially among women.  
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